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Of course, to operate effectively, we are an authorized U.S. Customs Bonded CFS. This allows us to handle your bonded freight movements under the complete authority of the applicable federal regulations.

Export cargo sourced from Mexico / Canada shipped T&E via Los Angeles, or air cargo sourced from outside the United States, can be handled through our facility with the benefit of our U.S. Customs Bond.


With numerous doors to receive goods, Top Gun Distribution Services, Inc. can provide smooth consolidation services for those cargo movement sourced from multiple suppliers. Our warehouse personnel are capable of maximizing available container space, thereby avoiding excessive cost for overflow freight.


Our warehouse personnel are well acquainted with the need to handle cargo with care. We have developed systems to segregate freights destined to different areas (or different consignees) and areas have been clearly marked in order to avoid delays during customer pickup. Our incorporation of computerized systems will also assist in handling your shipments expeditiously.


Top Gun Distribution Services, Inc. can arrange timely transloading of goods from trucks or rail cars to open containers for export or from ocean containers of intermodal equipment for imported goods. Whether dry, refrigerated or oversized freight, we have the expertise to move your freight quickly, economically and safely.


Pulling and delivering ocean containers in a timely fashion is essential for the critical deadlines involved in both export and import. Top Gun Distribution Services, Inc. maintains a relationship with several outside carriers to pull containers in the evenings and Saturdays to save our clients TMF fees.

This completes the perfect support system for our CFS operation and provides you with the efficient and cost effective service to support your intermodal consolidations on a same-day basis.



Intermodal transport connects the various modes of shipping (ocean, air, truck and railroad) together to form a continuous flow of goods. In this era of tight delivery schedules, the transfer of freight between modes must be accomplished expeditiously and efforts to facilitate movement exerted.

Top Gun Distribution Services, Inc. envisions a streamlined operation incorporating computerized systems to make the entire concept simple and workable. We are extending beyond transportation to the entire distribution function. This will include order processing, inventory control, warehousing and distribution operations, preparation and transmission of transportation and customs documents, and accounts payable and receivable.

With the latest available technologies in computer software, we are able to work with you to design programs specifically suited to your needs. Whether it is standardization of file references, direct, on-line terminal access or other functions necessary to your operation, Top Gun Distribution Services, Inc. can provide the tools and support you require.




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